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Updates for My Readers

Hi everyone!

I am really happy that you guys find my blog to be useful. In return for the overwhelming support and appreciation from you guys, I promise that it will be my constant endeavour to keep the blog updated and useful.

Few things I would share:

1. My download links ARE working now! E-mail me for anything else! I give you my word that I will revert.

2. I will start working on my website as soon as I am done with my CFA exams in December. You will have a host of new stuff there.

3. I am planning to make lecture videos. Hoping to give the coaching classes a run for their money. It will be free as usual and comprehensive. I need some time tho.

4. I will start playing with new features and widgets to enhance the usability of my proposed website. I need help from you guys who are good in php, web designing and things like that.

5. I feel that most of the GMAT related stuff is already there on this blog, but the prominent exclusion is post-GMAT related help. I will include MBA application section soon. I have helped my friends to get to their dream schools. One of my friend has made it to Tepper, CMU and I am proud to say that, I took care of everything right from GMAT(740)-TOEFL(109/120)-School Selection-Essays-Recos-Submissions-Visa Interviews-Flight Tickets. One of my friends who scored a 570 last yr came to me and again we had quite a success in that he scored a 670 this yr and got an ADMIT from ISB which is the only school he applied to. All the success/failure stories will go up here.

6. To update you about whats happening on my end : Prepping for the upcoming CFA L1. Starting Jan I will start prepping for my 2010 Fall Applications. Will require extensive reading, organization, school selection and eventually writing/re-writing essays and interview preparation (if i get the interview calls!)

7. Everything will go on the blog/website.

8. Why I write this blog? Because I believe in the fundamental values of education which says that it grows by sharing. I do just that.

Thanks for reading and all the mails/comments. All the best you guys!

And yes! Recession is good for the good and bad for the bad. So lets better ourselves!