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Conquered CFA Level 1

Hi Guys! I hope your GMAT preparation is going well. All the best to all test takers and applicants!
Good news! I passed CFA level 1 Exam. Infact I got >70% in all 10 topics, which I was hoping for. As always I worked hard and it paid off! Hope this inspires all you guys who are finding it tough to sail through. I know office hours can be mean, leaving you no time to study. But the truth is all of us are going through the same phase, and most of the applicants are employed. So if anyone of us can do well on these exams, it goes on to show that you can too. I am an engineer and CFA has nothing to do with it. I had to start from scratch and most importantly I had no one who could give company. So if you want some help or guidance while anyone of you consider CFA, let me know. I will be more than happy to help!

Meanwhile I have updated my website to include the much awaited 3 months schedule. Sorry for not being active. As you can imagine, theres a lot of stuff in my plate. And building and managing the entire website is indeed a huge task.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Keep in touch! And don't forget to subscribe to my website using the RSS feed. and Subscribe to GMATing.